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Residential projects

Satisfaction of high demands for housing is just hiding in the home of first class materials, design and convenient location of residential housing. The overall impression of a contented living impressed by continuing high standard services associated with the operation of the property and the individual residential units, which are by their nature such objects is appropriate.

Introducing program management residences - Facility Management of residential buildings with superior services.

Quality of service is ensured by the responsible contact person on our side, which is always where is needed and at a time when is needed, multistage control mechanisms and standards to which we commit.

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Our Services

Our services are built on top and thoroughly levied team of people who have only one task and to take care that you do not have to have you.

Maintenance Management
• If you do not know about maintenance, we do our job well...
• This includes the provision of light, heat, cold, water, electricity, etc. not only in the common areas of a residential building , but also in individual residential units

Cleaning Services
• Cleaning is based on rigorous and proven staff, modern cleaning techniques and equipment so that the result is always perfect
• This type of service can be provided for individual housing units, including service laundry and ironing, washing windows and other

Reception and security services, including the Concierge service 27/7
• Concierge service has long been not only a security nature
• Modern reception with postal and information services, book theater tickets, taxi call service, and many other

Gardening services
• Green adjacent to the house makes the first impression when entering and leaving him feeling when leaving
• Our gardeners are leaders in their fields, and access to care for greenery according to the latest trends
• Outside the maintenance and development of greenery provide cleaning and autumn leaves, winter snow removal, etc.


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